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The RIP series provides an informal forum for computational biologists to keep abreast of colleagues' projects, to help students and postdocs hone their presentation skills, and to get expert feedback on new projects. The forum is targeted towards anyone working at the interface of Biology and Analytical sciences. CBBG students are strongly encouraged to present. These meetings will be held in room #3118 Biomolecular Sciences Building (#296) Thursdays from 3-5pm, unless otherwise noted. There will be two presentations, approximately 30 minutes each with time for open discussion and socializing.

**If you are interested in speaking on an open date, or if you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact Max Leiserson or Barbara Lewis.
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Spring Semester 2018





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Rong Guo

Graduate Student

Dr. Fritz, Entomology

De novo genome assembly of Heliothis subflexa: Moth sexual communication systems are highly diverse, but the genetics basis of their evolutionary diversification remain unclear. Heliothis virescens and Heliothis subflexa are two closely related moth species that differ in their female pheromone composition and male response to pheromones. I’m interested in understanding how their pheromone communication systems may have diversified, and what kind of changes (such as SNPs) in which genes led to such diversification. Since a reference genome of H. virescens is available now, the first part of my project focuses on de novo genome assembly of H. subflexa.