Research in Progress

The RIP series provides an informal forum for us computational biologists@UMD to keep us abreast of what our colleagues are up to, to help students/postdocs polish their communication skills, and to harness others' expertise to get early feedback on new projects. The forum is targeted towards anyone working at the interface of Biology and Analytical sciences. CBBG students are strongly encouraged to present every year. These meeting will be held on Thursdays 2-3pm every two weeks (see schedule here) in room #3118 Biomolecular Sc Building (#296). There will be one presentation, approximately 30 minutes with lots of time for open discussion and socializing.

Research Areas and Projects

Bioinformatics and computational biology are cross-disciplinary fields aimed towards solving biological problems. Their techniques draw heavily from the fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics, the physical sciences and other disciplines in attempt to understand the enormous complexity of biological systems.  Our center includes work on the following areas; click the subheadings for details.

Projects organized by funding source

NIH grant R01-LM006845, PI Steven Salzberg
NIH grant R01-GM083873, PI Steven Salzberg
NSF grant IIS-0812111, PI Mihai Pop, Co-PI Carl Kingsford
NSF grant IIS-0844494, PI Mihai Pop, Co-PI Steven Salzberg
NIH grant R01-HG-004885, PI Mihai Pop
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PI Jim Nataro (UM School of medicine), subcontract to Mihai Pop.
NSF grant DBI-0755048, PI Michael Cummings

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