Undergraduate Programs

Bioinformatics Opportunities and Research at CBCB

CBCB faculty are actively involved in mentoring undergraduate students, both through course offerings and research projects. This page provides an outline of the opportunities available for undergraduates to receive training in bioinformatics.

Information for Prospective Students

Undergraduate Bioinformatics Opportunities

While there is no Bioinformatics program at the University of Maryland, students interested in this field can tailor their course work to obtain the necessary background. Follow the links below for more information:

Program Areas

Some programs related to Bioinformatics include:

Please also see Recommended Courses for UG Bio Sciences majors with interest in Bioinformatics.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

CBCB provides a unique opportunity for motivated undergraduates to get involved in bioinformatics research. Research positions are available within the center during the academic year as part of the Honors Program in the CS department (see Honors Research below) and during the summer (see Summer Internship Program below). Past research projects by undergraduates and high-school students are listed on our Junior Research page.

Honors Research at CBCB

Several positions are available at CBCB for conducting research in bioinformatics as part of departmental honors programs, including Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Biology and Computer Science. Interested students can directly contact individual faculty members.

Summer Internship Program