A gene finder derived from Glimmer, but developed specifically for eukaryotes. It is based on a dynamic programing algorithm that considers all combinations of possible exons for inclusion in a gene model and chooses the best of these combinations. The decision about what gene model is best is a combination of the strength of the splice sites and the score of the exons generated by an interpolated Markov model (IMM). The system has been trained for Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa (rice), and Plasmodium falciparum (the malaria parasite), and should work well on closely related organisms. See below for instructions on downloading the complete system including source code.

System requirements

GlimmerM is released as source code and was tested on Linux RedHat 6.x+, Sun Solaris, and Alpha OSF1, but should work on any Unix system.

Obtaining GlimmerM

This software is  OSI Certified Open Source Software .

To download the complete GlimmerM system, just click here .

After downloading, uncompress the distribution file by typing:

% tar -xzf GlimmerM.tar.gz

A directory named 'GlimmerM/' will be created which contains the executable, training data sets, and other supporting files.

Training data sets are available here.


A basic user manual for GlimmerM is available here.

Contact Information

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The development of GlimmerM was supported by NSF under grants KDI-9980088 and IIS-9902923, and by the NIH under grant R01-LM06845-01.

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